Production facilities

HANNO-Werk is equipped with a modern production facility for compounding, filling and packaging of selants as well as for the production and packaging of aerosol foams. The PU-foam-production is the only established manufacturing site for one- and two-component canned foams in Austria.

Hanno Werk in Himberg bei Wien

Research- and Development facility

HANNO-Werk has a development- and control laboratory built to the latest technology, to be able to carry out a focussed product development and a customized technical application support. A large part of the equipment is used for the physical and chemical analysis of the foams, sealants and adhesives on their adhesion properties, mechanical performance and ageing resistance in different climatic conditions.

Himberg (4)

Seminars and training courses

Further educations are being completed regularly, to be successful on the market and alwaysup to date with the latest technology. Innovative solutions are being developed together.