HANNO historically

A little bit of history fast-forwarded

The foundation for HANNO’s success story was laid when the "Hannoversche Filzfabrik" (felt factory) began operating in 1895.

HANNO-Werk Austria in Himberg near Vienna was founded in 1973 and gained a leading market position with 1- and 2-component foams as well as adhesives and sealants within a few years.

A multifaceted success story has made us what we are today - a production and competence center with its own research laboratory, comprehensive product range and latest logistics.

We are particularly pleased if you would like to know more about us. In the following you can see the milestones of our development:

HANNO - a success story

1973 On March 1st, the company was founded in Himberg near Vienna.
1974 August - the serial production starts.
1976 June - first production of the cartridge Hannokitt.
1979 A new production plant with a capacity of 1600 cartridges per batch is put into operation.
1980 In summer, the first can of straw foam is produced in Austria.
1983 The consistently positive economic development of the last 10 years allows the construction of a new office building with a storage room for finished products.
1984 Due to the successful PU-straw foam production, extensive knowledge about aerosol-production is available. Consequently, the business management decides the production of technical aerosols.
1985 All laboratory activities, which were carried out in HANNO-Werk in Laatzen so far, are now performed in the own in-house laboratory.
1987 The research and development activities are being expanded in a laboratory construction and new 2-component foams are being produced.
1989 Modernisation of the production site for the Hannoband as well as the acquisition of a new machine for the production of sealants.
1991 Due to a new production line, a 60% increase in capacity in the PU foam production is being achieved.
1995 After the successful expansion of the sealant production, it is necessary to build a new large production warehouse.
1996 Hanno Himberg takes over the complete production of sealants from Laatzen.The manufacturing is being bundled into one central unit in Austria.
2007 A modern shipping warehouse guarantees highly flexible stock control and professional logistics for the unconditional fulfillment of complex customer expectations.
2010 The steady growth requires extensive enhancements and the modernisation of the production facilities.

To this day, our customers benefit from our steadily growing expertise - and from the fact that we consistently offer contemporary top solutions for construction, renovation and sealing through the consistent acquisition of knowledge, extensive own research and continuous technological improvement.