Markets and customers

HANNO-Werk focuses on markets, in which innovative sealing and insulation materials offer a technological advantage, both in industry and in the building industry.

For the industrial processing, HANNO-Werk offers products mainly for:

  • Window- and door-manufacturers
  • Prefabricated housing producers
  • Heating- and ventilation fitters
  • System glass manufacturers
  • Vehicle- and caravan-manufacturers
  • Container manufacturers
  • as well as numerous other processors around building industry

For processing on the construction site HANNO offers:

  • Sealants for expansion joints between all common building materials
  • Sealants for connection joints between different structural components, for example windows / wall junctions
  • 1-component foams and systems for the professional mounting of windows
  • 2-component foams for the secure mounting of door frames and windowsills