Products and technical advice

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Starting with universal standard products up to customized special solutions - focused on giving the customers exactly what they wish and need. This can be successfully achieved through the proximity to the customer and the ability to quickly implement new developments by the house-in laboratory.


Service and very close contact to the customer are the key pillars of our success. HANNO-Werk attaches great importance to a close, fair and reliable relationship with customers and suppliers. This leads to long-term and continuous business relationships and mutual success.

Main contact persons for all kinds of questions are our well trained local managers. They are constantly on the road throughout Austria and serve our customers at local level. Technical advice is just as much a focus as the processing of orders and deliveries.Our local managers are supported by a team of experienced internal sales employess.

In addition, a team of experienced technicians is available at our factory in Himberg/Vienna, for further, individual consultations.