Protecto pf sound insulation product

Areas of application

  • proven for garage doors, facade elements, window sills, elevator cabins, air conditioners, capsules, machines and engine compartments
  • especially suitable for anti-drumming of thin plates

Product properties

  • high elasticity, even at low temperatures
  • one-sided selfadhesive
  • easy to cut - use sharp scissors / knife
  • increases the inherent rigidity of thin-walled components
  • bonding on dry, grease-free, clean surfaces - press surface firmly
  • Protecto pf 820 is a bitumen-impregnated wool felt board for structureborne and airborne sound insulation
  • Protecto pf 830 and Protecto pf 840 are bitumen-based, bendable heavy foils for structure-borne sound attenuation and airborne sound insulation

Scope of delivery

Order designation Dimension Item number
Protecto pf 820 1000 x 1000 x 2,0 mm 505-003
Protecto pf 830 1060 x 1030 x 2,6 mm 505-027
Protecto pf 840 1060 x 1030 x 5,0 mm 505-038

Stamped parts and special dimensions available on request.
For purchase quantities below 50 pieces freight costs will be charged.

Data sheets and additional information